Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What is the Anti-Cuts Alliance?

Exeter Anti-Cuts Alliance is a federal organization that seeks to organize individuals, trade unions, charities, students and community groups who refuse to be Con-Dem-ned to cuts, closures and privatisation – the price we are paying for a crisis caused by casino economics. Cuts to our living standards, health, education and hard won benefits are not inevitable. It will take a concerted fight back to stop John Hart and Devon County Council obediently laying into the region's budget. Help us build this group so we can create an all Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance that will put a stop to the jobs massacre and the assault on our public services.

1) We are forming a group along federal lines to oppose the cuts and want as broad as possible a coalition of groups to join us.
2) We believe that the cuts are ideological, based on the dictatorship of the markets along with Tory small government ideology.
3) The concept that the cuts are necessary is a marketing ploy to hoodwink the electorate.
4) The cuts are far from being sustainable and will lead to a further increase in the division between rich and poor.
5) The best way of opposing the cuts is to propose a positive, progressive alternative budget and we welcome input to that process, especially with regard to sustainability.
6) We are affiliated to Tony Benn's Coalition of Resistance .

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