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Exeter Anti Cuts Alliance

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Strong support at public meeting

MORE than 80 people turned out for the launch meeting of the Exeter Anti-Cuts Alliance at the city's Central Library.
Organisers said it was one of the largest launch meetings of the alliance in the country with many representatives from various community groups who will be hit by the spending cuts.
Among those speaking were Phil Chadwick of the CWU, Phil Bialyk of the RMT, Mark McSheehy who chaired the meeting, Mark Baker of the PCS and Rob Edwards of Youth Fight for Jobs.
Andrew Duncan, for the Alliance in Exeter, said speakers all stressed the need to organise resistance against the Tory cuts, which, they agreed were not necessary.
He said: "We have just seen again today an example: the failure of the ROK construction company here in Exeter, due to public sector contract cutbacks, with the losses of private sector jobs for employees and sub-contractors.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Agenda for Wednesday's meeting

Exeter Anti Cuts Alliance
Agenda - 15th September 2010

  • Welcome and Introductions
    • Personal introductions
    • What union/party/sector are you from?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

What can we learn fom the Plymouth Right to Work Campaign?

A report by Tim and his thoughts on the direction we could take.

On Wednesday evening around fifty trade unionists, political activists, community group leaders and rag tag left-wingers assembled for the launch of the Plymouth Fight-back Against the Cuts. The public meeting was called by Plymouth Trades Council to officially set up a group affiliated to the national Right to Work Campaign.

And it was good. I shan't go into the facts of what was said, because you can read that here:

I'd much rather let you know my own thoughts about the meeting, and what can be learnt from the campaign that Plymouth is launching.

Will we see this sort of thing in Devon too?

Nick Clegg was red faced today after visiting a community centre in Shepherds Bush, which is being axed...

Devon County Council are planning massive cuts too. What services will we see cut here, when John Hart, Tory Council Leader, obediently announces his programme of cuts for Devon and Exeter?

Watch this space.