Wednesday, 18 August 2010

No mandate for cuts and privatisation, taken from the People's Charter website, Tuesday, 03 August 2010 13:41

Now the government has cut a new, giant opening in the NHS for the profit makers. Already private business makes £80 Billion a year from contracts in Health, Education and other government departments. Now GPs are to decide where health money goes. Last time this was tried in the 1980s the majority of GPs rejected the government’s offer.
Under the new Act they will have no choice. Last time it meant that financial consultants were bought in to the surgeries involved – with ‘surpluses’ going on fancy decorations and other perks away from front line services. This time even the start-up cost of letting the private parasites further into the NHS is going to cost £1.7 Billion MORE on the health budget this year.

Education Minister Michael Gove may not be able to do his sums. But he knows enough to condemn future generations to second-rate state school buildings – while opening the door to the privateers. Your local school may not be rebuilt. But academies can set up new middle class schools along with their business and other corporate partners while barmy ‘do it yourself’ free schools are supposed to pick up the slack. All this is based on a mountain of lies about standards. Swedish Education Minister told the Sunday Mirror in May ‘We have seen a fall in the quality of schools since the free schools were introduced.’ He should know!

Meanwhile a head of steam is building against the cuts. The Charter believes that the proposal by unions like the RMT for a national demonstration shortly after the government’s October 20 cuts announcements will catch the growing anger in the public mood against this regime that has no mandate.

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